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NBA Playoff Preview Part 2: who’s sleeping around and who’s using their hand?

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These teams could win the NBA title. But they’d need a pretty big break to go their way. Maybe an injury to an opposition player, a bench clearing brawl which decimates the opponent, or a few friendly whistles from the officials. Ironically, two of these teams happen to be playing each other in round 1.

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In defense of Allen Iverson: a fan’s testimonial

More than 30 tattoos, tightly woven cornrows, oversized clothing, recorded a rap album so explicit it was never released. No, Double Technicals has not turned into a rap forum. The above description is actually a portrayal of, in my opinion, the most misunderstood player, and my favorite player of all time – Allen Ezail Iverson. The most iconic figure to ever dribble a basketball, and if you laugh in disagreement, fuck you and stop reading because this article won’t be for you. Screw MJ’s shrug against Portland, give me that swagger step over Tyronne Lue. Once on top of the basketball world in 2001 and considered the best player in the game, somehow, my hero has morphed into a thug who is undeserving of a job. Call me a sensitive bitch, but this infuriates me. Let me provide you with some quick facts and imagine you do not know which player I’m referring to:

  • 24368 points
  • 26.7 ppg career average (6th all time)
  • 29.7 ppg playoff average (2nd all time)
  • 2001 MVP
  • 11 time all star (All Star MVP in 2001 and 2005)
  • 4 time NBA scoring leader
  • 3 time All NBA first team
  • Led his team to the NBA finals with a starting lineup that included Aaron McKie, Jumaine Jones, Tyrone Hill and Dikembe Mutombo. (Not exactly a stat, but if there was ever a “most unbelievable accomplishment” stat, this would be it)

“If your kid goes out and blows somebody’s head off because Allen Iverson has said he was going to blow somebody’s head off on wax, then you’re doing a bad job as a parent.” – Iverson told “The Philadelphia Inquirer” when talking about the song “40 Bars” on his upcoming rap album.

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