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Mocking the mocks: the futility of mock drafts

via ESPN Page 2

For the last few months, I click to open and the other NFL-news websites, but there is nothing to read. For the last month at least, “mock drafts” have dominated NFL coverage. “Big Board Mock”, “Consensus Mock Draft”, “Final Mock Draft”, “Seven Round Mock”, “Superduperawesomecrazyoneofakind Mock Draft”. But here’s the truth: Mock drafts are stupid. They are pointless, inaccurate, and should not be taken seriously. But many do, despite the fact that the word ‘mock’ is half of the name.

Yes, there are NFL experts out there that scout and study the players, and write up mock drafts accordingly. They analyse the team needs, the team position financially and draft-wise, the current age of their players on the roster, etcetera. I do not doubt their expertise and their knowledge in the field, but as good of a job that the experts might do with regard to all of that, they simply do not know what any specific franchise is planning. Sure, that team needs an offensive lineman, their offensive line is getting old, they are in perfect place to take so-and-so offensive lineman with their current draft position and it fits.

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God, America’s Team, and the Dallas Cowboys’ 2012 NFL Regular Season Schedule

Currently the best thing about the Dallas Cowboys…

Last week I had a conversation with a friend at the cinema, while waiting for our movie to start. We were discussing religion, all aspects of it. We discussed belief, faith, morality, organized religion, Islam, Christianity, the whole lot. About ten minutes into the conversation, I learned that my friend was an Atheist. I was troubled, not because he was an Atheist, but because of his incredibly strong conviction to believing that there was no God. So I had to ask the bone-crunching, teeth-grinding, magical question, “How is it that you are so convinced that there is no God? Why do you find it so ridiculous to believe?” As expected, I received the whole “There is no evidence, therefore I shall not believe” spiel. Before I could reply, the movie started and the conversation died.

What my friend failed to understand is that religion is not based on evidence. Religion is premised on faith. It operates outside the need to have evidence. This begs the question; what exactly, is faith? Faith is having trust or confidence in someone or something. It is the belief that something will happen, or that someone will pull through. It is based on understanding, on belief, without the need for proof and evidence.

Sports fanaticism is often compared to a rollercoaster ride. You have ups and you have downs, often in the same season, sometimes in the same game. Living a life of a Dallas Cowboys fan, I couldn’t agree more (although there have been more downs than ups lately). Year after year, season after season, high hopes and optimistic predictions are met with disappointment and shame. The Dallas Cowboys are a group of well-paid professional athletes, with some of the best training equipment and coaching that professional football has to offer. The Dallas Cowboys have the most glamorous stadium in which to play football; Cowboys Stadium. They have the largest fan base in professional American Football, and a glorious legacy of past dynasties. They are also a bunch of underachieving shits.

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