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Kristen Stewart gets SLUTSHAMED: in defense of K-Stew

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Kristen Stewart (or as I affectionately call her, K-Stew/K-TRILLA/Bella Swizzle), since the moment I became ironically-but-not-really-ironic-at-all immersed in the Twilight movie franchise. Sure she may not have the greatest artistic range, and the “FUCK OFF” vibe she often projects can be a put-off for some. But where others see a sullen, miserable B-I-T-C-H, I see gothic-chic and effortless swag. Indeed, my favourite Kristen Stewart moment ever was her quote to Vanity Fair regarding criticism for “not smiling enough” on the red carpet:

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A Lot Can Happen In Two Minutes

My buddy, whom I affectionately refer to as Mumbles due to his inability to communicate verbally, once told me that the NFL is like a religion. Thinking about it, as I watch two of the best quarterbacks in the league take each other on in the first game of the pre-season, he’s probably not far off the truth. Now, I’m not saying Roger Goodell is some kind of God (though some may argue this). But the NFL, like religion for so many others, has changed my life. I have embraced it into my daily routine, yet it exists primarily on a different continent, and I, among (I imagine) many others, take the NFL Network as some sort of gospel. Yet it isn’t really even a sport! At grassroots level, I’m sure it is. But the National Football League isn’t sport. It’s entertainment. It’s consumer-driven. Players are bought and sold like goods on a shelf, and get paid RIDICULOUS sums of money – and even that doesn’t guarantee top-quality performance. Primarily, it’s a BUSINESS, and human greed at its finest. Being a fan of the NFL goes against every one of my moral fibers.

Then why the fuck can I not get enough of it?!

Even Steven doesn’t understand why we like him so much

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